Tarot Cards: Part 2: The 3 Cards People Are Most Afraid Of.

The Happenin' Hippies

When people come across the term “Tarot”, they usually get a little freaked out if they’re not familiar with them. They can tend to think of things like “The Devil” card, or the ever so famous “Death” card. Some people believe if they ever get their cards read it’s either a destined time to figure out they’re going to die, or won’t believe it at all.

Something I was seeing around while researching was in fact the fear of three basic cards. The Tower, The Devil, and Death are known to be feared by those who don’t understand the underlying meaning. Let’s start with The Tower Card, while the card is always known to look a little frightening, it simply states that disaster has just struck or you’re going through a hard time. The images were actually supposed to be frightening because they were originally created for educated nobles, as a…

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