Card of the Day – The High Priestess – Friday, May 1, 2020 — Tarot by Cecelia


My daily video can be found below, or through your favorite podcast provider. The all-seeing, all-knowing, High Priestess, shows up today to remind us that we all have intuition, we just need to tap into it and learn to trust it. 353 more words

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Tarot Reading Today: 01-May-2020 — Tarot Fortune

Surrender yourself to the teachings of life. Just absorb the information that you have accumulated in the past 2 months. In future, you may blog about it or share it with your trusted friend. For now, just acknowledge that you have come this far in your journey.

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Today’s Color Reading April 30, 2020

Julie M Perkins (aka Monavie Voight)

April 30, 2020

Use the power of your personal likes and dislikes of colors to guide you to find your answers.

To do this you may want to try some of these things:

  • The colors could be used to answer a specific question you ask.
  • The color cards could be divided up into time frames of the day, such as morning, afternoon, and evening to show how the day will unfold.

Once you find your purpose for using the color cards, tap into your personal intuition in ways like these:

  • What energy, emotions or feelings do the colors you see here today invoke in you?
  • Do you like or dislike the colors?
  • How do you see the colors in the way they relate to each other?
  • Do you feel they complement each other or do they clash?
  • Do you think the color cards flow from one to the other in…

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Your daily Astrology and tarot reading

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

April 29 Daily Astro and Tarot card reading from the Muse tarot by Chris-Anne

Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon inconjuncts Mars in Aquarius is frustrated energy. if you are not free, the impulse is to act out or do something rash. Best to stay home and calm down. Use your cool head to see the big picture.

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