Reading Spread: The Daily Insight


Hallo my lovelies!

As I’m writing this, it’s the weekend here in my part of the world. My insomnia’s been affecting my sleeping pattern so I’ve decided to write about a light topic. It’s something that I was originally unsure if I should share here but here I am writing about it.

So here we go…

We’re all familiar with spreads. Whether you read tarot, oracle or runes, spreads are often guide questions for certain queries. A popular one in tarot reading is the Celtic Cross. However, I do not main in tarot as my tools of choice have been runes and oracle cards (though I’m still studying tarot to broaden my horizons).

This is my Daily Insight Spread. I derived it from the Norn Spread for runes (will write a separate blog post about it soon). Though originally meant for runes, I do believe I will also fit tarot…

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