Today’s Tarot: 9 of Rods reversed & 6 of Pentacles



Today, and every day this week, I will be using my New Palladini Tarot to do two-card readings each day.

Today we have the Nine of Rods in reverse, and an upright Six of Pentacles.

The Nine of Rods shows a man in a green robe holding a large flowering staff. Behind him, are eight more flowering staves quite similar to the one in his hand, and beyond are green mountains. Overhead is a night sky, the stars clear, and a crescent moon can be seen there. The man’s face seems weary, his eyes turned down, as if he has been watching and waiting for a long time.

This card, when upright, speaks of the fruition of hard work and obstacles overcome. But in today’s reading, this card is reversed, and suggests laziness, poor or shoddy work, lack of vigilance, vulnerability due to guard being let down, and lack of…

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