Uranus in Taurus goes visiting


16 Uranus in Taurus

I already wrote that some sources associate Uranus in Taurus with the Major Arcanum (XVI) the Tower, probably one of the most powerful and the most aggressive Tarot card. In Astrology the sign Taurus is the direct manifestation of materialness… this is not the so-called prima materia in the deep cosmos, the manifestation of Scorpio… no, Taurus is absolutely terrestrial materialness surrounding us, Nature from which all earthly creations come.

Uranus in Taurus is absolutely wild. This can be explained mythologically that Uranus hates frames, boundaries, rules and generally any Structure… while the materialness (Taurus) is an incredibly strong limiter. That is why Uranus crashed our markets so much 🙂 a ruined tower. Now the situation is in the status Pending… waiting for Jupiter CONJUNCT Pluto. The volatility is terrible.

The nearest significant aspect with Uranus in Taurus is on February 17th, 2021, Saturn SQR…

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