Rituals and Staying Sane


For the past several months I’ve been keeping a journal. I typically wake up and give myself an oracle card reading. This satisfies me in two different ways: spiritually as well as mentally. My morning ritual is to get still, center myself, pray and then deal myself into this Game of Life.

My way is to deal out four cards in a North-South-East-West pattern with four tenets in mind. North equals Love. South equals Happiness. East is Joy. West is Fulfillment. I typically use Doreen Virtues, Goddesss Guidance cards but I have used others in the past.

Once I’ve finished dealing, I go back and write the meaning of each card or my interpretation of the meaning into my Oracle journal. Today’s cards came up like this:15045333600281294106165     I am seeking. This method of self guidance and self awareness gives me a feeling of Peaceful Anticipation. I am less…

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