Born Under a Bad Card: what to do if your personal Thoth Tarot Cards are awful

One of the things I like about the Thoth Tarot deck (and Aleister Crowley’s philosophy behind it) is that it has unambiguouslybadcards.

If you do Tarot card readings with the Thoth, the negative cards will allow you to confront the complete spectrum of existence. Too many Tarot card decks have a rose-colored glasses outlook that just doesn’t cut it for people who are facingreal challenges.

Those bad cards also strike a personal chord for me. You see the three dreadful cards in the feature image–Sorrow-Three of Swords, Debauch-Seven of Cups, and Failure-Seven of Swords?

Those are my personal significators in the Minor Arcana; they correspond to the location of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in my horoscope. (Remember, we all have personal significators–see my list here.)

It could be slightly worse. There are much nastier Swords in the deck thanSorrow.However,Failure

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