Full Moon in Aquarius 2017

The Dynamic Observer

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  • Heart: Page of Swords reversed signals hastiness, rushing through, and all talk
  • Challenge: The Fool signals innocence, new beginnings, and free spirit
  • Unconscious: Death signals end of a cycle, beginnings, change, and metamorphosis
  • Conscious: Ace of cups reversed signals wasted emotions, blocked creativity, and emptiness

At the heart, there is an energy of rushing through your situation, but the challenge cards signals that rushing doesn’t quite augur well. The Fool is a sign of wanting new experiences and can be a sign of reinvention. However, you must be careful with throwing out all of your old knowledge in the pursuit of new knowledge. This aspect connects with the fact that you have desire for transformation driving you, but your approach is leading to you not channeling your emotional energy properly. Some changes you initiate, and some changes you have to comply with. And even in both cases, the…

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