Can She Forgive And Forget? Can He?


Who hasn’t been there?

Anyone over the age of 12 must have at some point in time been hurt by someone or had things go so badly that it left their head spinning. To forgive is Divine, so I’ve been told, and so should that mean humans aren’t expected to forgive? Good question.

It’s easy to get mad at someone, lose our cool and sound off. But it’s not so easy to admit it when we’ve been stupid or ignored someone who was actually amazingly wonderful. Whew. That’s a tough one!

So if you’ve been on either side of this situation – the one hurt or the one doling out the bs, this is probably sounding very familiar to you.

How does this fit in?  

It’s a big part of life and if you want good fiction, the kind that makes you think and feel and live the story…

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