Tarot Card Reading for Week Commencing: 31 July 2017

MacGabhann Tarot

TCR 31-7-17

The Beginning of the week and the Devil warns you that you should avoid temptation.  It’s time to to consider what you are doing and ensuring that you are only doing it for the right reasons.

The middle of the week and the 9 of Swords says that you are feeling overwhelmed.  Whatever is causing you to worry is probably your own mind making a mountain out of a molehill.  Put worry to one side for the time being and then consider it when your mind is in a rational place.

The end of the week and the 5 of Pentacles tells you that you may be feeling that you are being left out in the cold, or that life is meaningless.  This is just your perception and not really the reality.  You may feel that you cannot ask for help, but his of course is not true, you are just…

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