Scorpio: New Moon in Leo, 2017. The creative process requires time.

oyeezy forever


img_7346This new moon brings you a brand new idea for your future.

But what you’re creating is going to take a lot of your time.

You are at the very beginning stages of manifesting something very important to you.

What is it, beloved?

Whatever it is, it brings with it a great amount of time discovering and researching.


You’re going on a journey.

You’re inspired by your own wit.

You’re being dangled by the divine throughout this next lunar cycle, beloved.

You’re the bait of the universe.

Do not let any setbacks or moments of contemplation ruin your momentum.

Which may be low, but still steady and strong.

Time is now the enemy, and also the gift for you.

The only thing you can be certain of right now is that you need more wisdom and more experience to accomplish what you’re focused on achieving.

Although external factors…

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