August 2017 Monthly Tarot/Astro Reading

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Disclaimer: These readings are general and therefore may not resonate with you at this time. In order to get a complete reading, be sure to read for your moon sign and rising sign in addition to your sun sign (the sign based on your birthday). To find out what your moon and rising signs are, simply Google search free birth chart, click on a link, submit your information and then read the chart.

For a personalized reading, please contact me via Instagram: its24karat

Be sure to leave a comment if any of this did resonate with you.


Overall monthly for everyone

August 2017 carries the energy of the number 9, which is connected to endings and transformations. This is the time where people will feel like they need to let go of any old habits and patterns. In addition,  this is the time that people will re-evaluate their goals…

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