The World


The World – Tarot Card XXI Meaning

One of my favorite Tarot cards!

The World is the last card of the Major Arcana and from being in that place it it usually associated with endings, conclusions and it carries a happy-ever-after kind of energy.

One of the interesing things about The World is that it can also be taken literally. It’s possible that travel, international associaitons of all kinds, worldwide communication and being around and involved with people from far-off places will be important to you now.

Additionally, The World can mean land and how we live, where we live and ownership of property. When you see this card it’s possible that if you have a desire to own a new home you’re on the right track toward doing just that.

Astrological Correspondence

Again, I must warn anyone who believes in following what is considered to be The Norm, which…

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