Cancer: New Moon in Leo, 2017. A surprise is brewing for you!

oyeezy forever


img_7208Work work work work work.

This new moon is bringing you immediate success from all of your recent efforts.

The diligence you’ve kept through Cancer season did not go unnoticed, beloved.

The fruits of your labor will be paying off quickly.

And they will be long lasting.

The Universe has a gift for you on this new moon.

A gift that will impact your physical reality.

Where are you now that you weren’t a month ago?

Once you receive this gift, you will be working towards understanding how it fits into your heart space.

Your emotional stance is shifting into new dimensions.

Why does this gift matter to you?

What attracted it to you in the first place?

What are the things you unknowingly manifest?

Devote yourself to the divine.

It will benefit you greatly now.

You’re gaining order and structure within your emotional world.

This is creating space…

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