Today’s Journey Tarot August 2017 Forecast

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MusesCat[1]ARIES – Be careful not to isolate yourself too much this month. There is a tendency to withdrawal. You need companionship and the stimulation that others bring to get you through a low period quickly.

TAURUS – A lot of nurturing is required of you this month. Give all you can, but do not get drawn into someone else’s drama. Stay positive and suggest positive activities and solutions. Then take time out for your own needs.

GEMINI– Try to find a new way to cope with problems other than worrying about them. Worrying wastes your time and energy. Be creative. Put them (mentally) in a box and take them out one by one to be dealt with. Don’t peek into the box!

CANCER – Burning the candle at both ends will not create more light. The candle just burns out quickly and energy has been wasted, leaving you disappointed…

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