The Path You’ve Chosen – July, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

Open your mind to the possibilities; truly nothing can keep you from the pursuit of your hopes and dreams but you. Finally, achieving your heart’s desire does not seem so far-fetched and you are making progress going forward, while marching to the beat of a different drummer. There will be some part of what you are doing, however, which needs to conform to the rules of society. It is ok, because your efforts are worthwhile. You are making decisions toward a new and improved life and know that what you have been wishing for grows closer day by day.

You may be navigating lone-wolf style in order to pull all of this off, but don’t back down to the finger pointing of others. What you are creating will resemble a tempest in a teapot by August, and sweeping changes will come swirling through, in tornadic fashion. This is not an…

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