Tarot Spread For The New Moon in Leo: Sunday July 23rd 2017

Joanna-Kate Grant

For those of you who like to do a Tarot Spread in order to set intentions for The New Moon, here is one inspired by the astrology of the moment.

Following on from the discussion on the meaning of this months New Moon in my previous post, I have noted that the main aspect is the conjunction to Mars in Leo, making a line up of 4 planets plus the North Node in Leo at the time of the new moon. So in order to help focus the energy of this New Moon, I have taken these aspects into consideration, and created the following spread, in order to help use the energy of The New Moon in Leo to bring help you to express creativity and passion, fearlessly in your life.

Card 1: What do I need to focus on to birth more creativity and joy into my life?


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