New Moon Reading – Sunday July 23, 2017

Unfolding Tarot

NMR - July 23, 2017

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho

This quote from the famous novel, The Alchemist, is the central message of this month’s New Moon Reading. It also sums up the experience most people have when they arrive at a cross roads in life that asks the question: am I alone in all my searching, striving, and deepest yearning?

The central card here is The World. It magnetizes our attention and holds a special significance in relation to the cards on either side. It is both the end and the beginning, a vortex we pass through, and a direct encounter with Spirit.

Events from our recent past are reflected in the first card, the 10 of Wands. The image shows a person carrying an uncomfortable and heavy load. We have worked very hard ensuring all the projects we’ve initiated…

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