Seven Of Pentacles


Seven Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Work and everything you’ve done to date, comes front and center with this card.  You’ve been The Job for quite some time now, and you’ve sown seeds all over the map; and you’re skill set is widening in some great ways.

But you know that doesn’t come without some cautions. The Seven Of Pentacles is a card that highlights your insecurities about your ability, your efficiency, and even your luck.

This card’s story is that of the farmer who has planted his fields, and did so with skill and dedication to his work. Now he’s leaning on his plow, looking over his farmland, and waiting for the harvest.

With this card in your reading,  you are much like that now and the main point here is to stay focused, stay on point, and don’t let your confidence waiver.

Patterns And Repetitions

Seeing the same…

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