Card of the Day – The Magician – Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

Holy Cannoli, Batman! What have you done? The Magician seemingly makes things materialize out of nowhere, and people may be wondering exactly what else it is you have up your sleeve today. You are the Creator, the Magician, pulling out all the stops and figuring out how to make things happen. It is not likely you accomplish everything on that lengthy list of yours today, but it would seem you have conjured up an important item on it which has been holding you back. Good for you.

You’ve got the power! Whatever it is you are doing, take this baby and run with it! It is time, and the resources necessary to pull all of this off are making themselvesavailable to you. No matter your age, never, ever turn down the opportunity to learn a new skill set which will help you tweak your resume. Remember, there is much…

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