Card of the Day – King Of Cups – Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

The good guy of the Tarot joins us today, bringing balance to emotions on the heels of the powerful Full Moon in Capricorn two days ago. The King of Cups is a compassionate, intuitive soul, spreading kindness wherever he goes. This King has it together and is representative of the demeanor necessary to make it through the most difficult of situations.

I very often use the Mr. Rogers’ quote, “Look for the helpers” when we see the King of Cups turn up for the day. He is the perfect energy on many a tough day, and in times of crisis, and I often like to refer to him as the King of Cool. If you have an interview for a new job today, then this is your man. His motto is “Never let them see you sweat!”. You’ve got this!

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