Full Moon in Capricorn Reading 2017

The Dynamic Observer

We’re about to experience the full moon in the realm of Capricorn, the ambitious sea-goat. With this moon phase comes a time to release things from our living fields, and with this zodiac sign, it’s a time to consider how we discipline ourselves in life.

I’ve done 5 spreads, and the following messages apply from left to right.

Now all of these messages might not apply to you. As I’ve said before, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

Spread I (Far left)
Heart: 2 of wands signals planning,  making plans, and discovery
Challenge: King of cups signals compassion, control, and balance
Unconscious: The Hanged Man reversed signals stalling, needless sacrifice, and fear of sacrifice
Conscious: 4 of cups reversed signals boredom, taking for granted, and aloofness

At the heart, there is a drive towards planning and discovery, but the challenge is maintaining a sense of control and compassion. When…

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