Tarotscopes for July 2017

The Dynamic Observer

Hey wonderful people!

We’re about to enter into a new month, and with a new month comes new messages to meditate on. That’s where the monthly Tarotscope comes in.

Now a Tarotscope is basically a fancy combination of a tarot reading of your zodiac sign. Most folks know their sun sign already because it’s explicitly connected to your birth date. But if you want more in depth knowledge, then I advise looking up your entire natal chart.

There you’ll find the location of all the planets and what your rising sign is. With my tarotscopes I usually focus on your sun sign, moon sign, and your rising sign.

I advise people to take resonates and leave what doesn’t.

So buckle up because we’re starting with the crabby sign, Cancer. July takes up most of Cancer season, so it’s only right that we start with Cancer.


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