Tarot Spread for The Full Moon in Capricorn July 9th 2017

Joanna-Kate Grant

For those of you who like to lay cards to help focus the Full Moon energy, I have designed this spread from a consideration of the planetary associations of The New Capricorn Moon, that fell on December 29th 2017, and The Full Capricorn Moon that falls on July 9th 2017.

The New Moon which fell in the first decan of Capricorn, drew strong aspects from a Mars Neptune conjunction, whilst The Full Moon, this week, is highlighted by powerful Mars Pluto aspects. This suggests that the seed moment was infused with a powerful desire to escape reality and to succumb to a longing to merge back into the patterns of the past. The Full Moon will bring any cracks to the surface, and force us to look clearly at where we may have been deluding ourselves, and where we may have come unstuck along the way.

In my earlier post…

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