Featured Card of the Day – The Moon – Joie de Vrie Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Tarot by Cecelia

Artist: Paulina Cassidy

Website: http://www.paulina.ws


Emotion, influence, intuition, cycles, dreams.

Artist Interpretation

Seizing a moment of moonkissed inspiration, Phantasm weaves a haunting song on his violin, set with a rhythm that coincides with the moon’s mysterious pulse. His three owl companions named Daze, Haze, and Maze are the keepers of vivid dreams. Illuminating hidden truths, the moon’s energy brings clarity to the surface.
Card Meaning

Listen carefully to your inner-wisdom. It will help interpret veiled messages from the unconscious, and will shine light on higher levels of understanding. Journey into your soul and unearth your anxieties and fears; release them so that they no longer haunt you. The only way out is through, and the moon’s mysterious light can help you reclaim your true spirit. Trust your intuition as you walk your path, and create a life of your own imagination and design. Magic is within.


Bad judgement…

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