COTD 27.06.17: Honest and open…

Guinevere Fae Tarot

9 of Wands - Ansuz27.06.17 – Today’s COTD is the 9 of Wands & Ansuz

Since yesterday’s fall, you may be feeling a little defeated and not sure what to do next. This is understandable, especially if your life hasn’t moved much lately.

However, as hard as it is to move forward, taking a step backwards may help you discover where things have been going wrong.  This back-step requires a lot of communication, good communication too, not just an odd text fired off expecting great results, in order for you to do an ‘about face’ and march yourself in the right direction.

Seek those who can help you, who are ‘in the know’ about what has troubled you of late. Be honest with yourself too, speak to yourself in an open way, and listen to your instincts, your heartbeat and your breathing.  Notice any changes when certain thoughts cross your mind, and react accordingly to…

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