Featured Card of the Day – Page of Wands – 78 Tarot Carnival ~ Cirque du Tarot

Tarot by Cecelia

Artist: Ash Evans

Website: AshEvans.com


Originality, haste, creativity, passion, enthusiasm

Artist Statement

“I pulled the colors directly off of the actual Page of Wands card. The original Page was wearing a blue hat with a red feather. I wouldn’t have chosen that palette myself as I really dislike oranges and yellows. I am a very rough sketcher and refine my process as I paint because it is digital and I have the freedom to do that.”

Card Meaning

In the foreground is a finely attired young rabbit, behind him on a barren, sandy landscape, circus tents stand in the distance. He stands easily on a balancing ball, adorned with a salamander who represents transformation and fire. The rabbit gazes at the wand in his hand passionately and speaks to it of the future, telling it of his dreams in the hopes that the wand might magically make them come…

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