Compassionate Cancer

Honey and Thorns

Lately I find myself struggling to get through the day without being overwhelmed by the strife that has been taking place in the world. From personal experience here in the United States, I hear the outcries of the LGBTQ+ community. I hear the mourning songs for the black and brown lives needlessly being taken. Regardless of anyone’s personal beliefs, these things are tragedies and merely the tip of a toxic iceberg of things within our society, our global society, that must change.

I turn to the cards often, searching for clarity in how to wade through these burdens and maintain my own emotional and spiritual health. Last night I sat in meditation with the Oracle of the Dragonfae. I took in the energy of the setting sun, now resting in the sign of Cancer, and drew this card – Grandmother Magicks, “I comfort you”.

Cancer is a sign of the…

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