COTD 23.06.17: Cleansing…

Guinevere Fae Tarot

Ace Cups - 5 Swords23.06.17 – Today’s COTD is the Ace of Cups & 5 of Swords

How freeing it can be when what has been troubling us is set finally set free.  The relief it brings can cause an overflow of emotions with it.

To release negativity from our minds, and the tension we hold in our bodies can leave us feeling drained yet invigorated, ready to do battle from a fresh perspective.

This clarity can help us channel our energy flow in the right direction, one which can bring more enlightenment to our journey, and keep our emotions from blocking up and stagnating as they enjoy the freedom to flow more freely.

Letting the water flow to wash clean the weapons we have been wielding, readies us and steadies us, for our next adventure in life.

Love Jennifer x

The Shadowscape Tarot by Barbara Moore and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ©2007, and Legacy of…

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