Summer Solstice June 21st 2017

Joanna-Kate Grant

Taking place in the UK at 5.30 am, the point of solstice is well placed shortly after the sunrise this year. The weather has been just as it should; heavy heat, the hedges dripping with blossom and the elder-flower trees laden with their creamy bounty…. in a good year June really is the Queen of months.  My children are teetering on the edge of adulthood, long limbed and lazy at the end of hot afternoons, salty round the edges, beach warm and content, looking as if life will never scar them. I bless them in their innocence and hold the memories of this time, for it is this type of summer that I remember, before my life claimed me.

stonehenge1984 Ariel shot of the festival in 1984

Another retrospective memory that I hold dear to my heart, is celebrating the Summer Solstice at The Stonehenge Free Festival. This free gathering was…

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