Gypsies,Tramps & Thieves: Are Tarot Readers and Astrologers Charlatans or Seers?

Joanna-Kate Grant

Today, as Chiron, “the wounded healer” squared The Sun in the sky, aspecting my own Gemini North Node, I got my first piece of negative feedback……. ever, and boy was it bad!! here are some excerpts:

“I was looking forward to receiving some guidance/insight please don’t tell me that’s it!”

“I wasn’t going to write back as I feel I’ve already paid too much for this reading, but I thought it may help you improve your service and so others can receive  something worth while.”

“The cards you pulled were not mine, they were for someone else, maybe even yourself, also, the long winded patronizing blurb at the end, telling me to look within to find the answers, is the last thing someone wants to hear after they’ve paid you close to $100 (Australian…. this is €50 in my currency) to get some insight from tarot/astro.” 

“There’s some constructive feedback for you, but I don’t think…

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