COTD 19.06.17: Come into the light…

Guinevere Fae Tarot

Knight of Coins - Moon19.06.17 – Today’s COTD is Knight of Coins & XVIII The Moon

A bit of friendly banter can often give us more insight into a person than we realise.  It can reveal the parts of a person that often they wish to keep private.

No one ever fully reveals themselves.  Although some of us reveal more as time goes by, especially to those we love and trust.

Looking at how someone behaves in any given situation can reveal a lot about them. Their body language, reactions, emotions, self-control can all be reflected in a single moment.

Watch the way those you meet react to you.  Do you let them in, or keep them safely at arm’s length?  Whichever it is, watch yourself.  See how you effect them too.

We all have a dark side, a place where we can feel safe and protected from reality.  But learning to relax and…

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