Card of the Day – The Moon – Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

You have probably been noticing in recent days that your dreams are off the charts. Two days ago, slow mover, Neptune, began its annual retrograde, currently in Pisces, through November 22. On its own, Neptune Retrograde heightens ones sensitivity to intuitive matters, coupled with being in Pisces, this becomes moreso. Dreams become more vivid, and you should be paying attention to them, as they may contain some answers which will be beneficial to you.

The Moon card is perfect for today, showing the subconscious mind deserves more attention at this time. Through your dreams and intuition, you can seek the truth, come to terms with it, and release your fears. The light of the Moon is dim, but there is still light to show you the way. Seek the meaning to your dreams at this time, and the truths which they contain.

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