The Eight of Wands

Joanna-Kate Grant

Today is a day for change, a day for the dissolution of form, the ending of fixity, a day for allowing dreams to rush unbidden from my fingers, to let them stream into the universe like angels, borne aloft on the breeze, igniting with the fractals of sunshine lighting the leaves on the trees, to send them adrift into the sky, burgeoning, building and snapping like spinnakers into a riot of colour and harmony, sailing free into the summer skies.

I rise from the old elm chair in the Hallway of Beginnings, with tears already flowing down my cheeks, the emotions that have built a structure of form within my heart, an object of stability and permanence, ready now to be released, to seek their escape, to go from me into the world, as I let go of what has been.

With my face wet from the life that bleeds…

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