Weekly tarot card reading, 12th June 2017!

Sun and Moon Tarot and Aquarian Tarot.

This weeks card is the 4 of swords.

Air, thoughts, mind, communication, stresses, anxiety and worries.

Four of swords rest, recuperation, recovery and healing. Meditation and stillness.

Time for a rest, give yourself a break from the worrying, tiring thoughts that run around your head. Thinking about the same thing, trying to find an answer or some relief from. Get out of your own way, and step away for awhile.

To do this, do something else, get busy, watch a movie , read a book, get creative, let your mind focus on something else, allow some space in your brain to shift the focus, to give you an answer, if it’s full there is no room.

Plus also have a rest take some time off, or at lest get out of your usual schedule, relax, let go, here again the answer, insight and…

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