Into the Wild Unknown Woods

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Full Moon in Sagittarius

While I took a shower I had an idea; why not use two decks for this the Full Moon in Sagittarius spread? Which decks would I use? The Wild Unknown Tarot and the Wildwood Tarot.

The Wild Unknown Tarot (WUT), an incredibly popular and instagram ready deck, it is highly intuitive and full of compelling artwork. Thisis a deck I used to read with a lot. When I first got it I was still a tarot noob so I felt intimidated when trying to read with it. When I finally got over that hurdle I thought I had found my ‘Soul Deck’, but it’s been shelved for months without the pull to bring it out for a shuffle. Until now…

The Wildwood Tarot (WWT) is a more recent acquisition, yet it has become an important tool for spirit work. I’ve been using this deck to receive…

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