The First Saturn Return: a royal spanking from life

The Mercantile

Most people don’t enjoy being disciplined. I’m a teacher. I know. A majority of people – regardless of age – would rather be up in the clouds with the Care Bears than sit down with Planet Saturn for a royal metaphorical spanking. But yet – that is exactly what is destined for all of us when we arrive at our Saturn Return.

Forget all about Willie Wonka’s Chocolate factory. It is time to GROW UP. If you refuse – Saturn’s spanking is just going to get harder and harder. And don’t think you can wriggle out of his firm grip. You will learn the hard way that you cannot escape his clutches. If you refuse to learn the lessons that you’re meant to learn during this period – you will find yourself entering your 30s unable to deal with life without mummy and daddy. And you will have no…

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