Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! ♐️ Collective Tarot reading, 2017. So what’s this grand vision all about?

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Dearly beloved,

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! ♐️🌕🏹

The Queen of Pentacles reversed came out for not only the collective pull, but for also the collective energy card. She is persistent and heavy in her message for ALL on this full moon. There is an intense energetic pull calling all to go on an adventure that brings them “home.”

Whatever this may mean for you.

With Saturn transiting through Sagittarius until the end of December 2017, there is a present urgency to pursue your dreams in a practical manner. To chase your dreams with integrity. What we all can collectively learn from this Sagittarius full moon, and mutable energy in general, is to pay attention to the details.

Luna is calling the collective to focus on their vision, and find ways to make it accessible in your current reality. Your big and grand vision may not be as grand as you’ve…

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