Gemini: Full Moon in Sagittarius Tarot reading, 2017. Your leaning in the dark. Come back to Earth.

oyeezy forever


Dear Gemini,

The hype has started to stagger, hasn’t it?

Your new moon was beautiful, and it brought you many new opportunities and ideas to explore in May.

Now reality is here, and you actually have to put in the work.

Your mind may still be floating around in your dream world with the 4 of Cups coming out as your first card. But the first three cards did come out as a trio, which leads me to believe you’ve been dreaming still, but there is an urgency within you to move forward towards your goals (Queen of Wands) and leave some things behind. (6 of Swords)

Beloved, I get the sense that you don’t feel as though you’re in your power right now. With this full moon being in your opposite sign, you may in fact be self sabotaging yourself.

You may be telling yourself you’re not in control…

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