Full Moon in Sagittarius Reading


This full moon in Sag is potent for lifting your burdens and lightening you psycho-spiritual load.

Whatever funk you’ve been carrying around during retrograde season has mysteriously detached itself to reveal a paradigm of growing possibility. Some of you may be feeling more of a heaviness in the heart chakra as you come to terms with what needs shedding, and others may feel buoyant and carefree. Transformation looms on the horizon, and whether or not you’ve been relieved of your weight or are still working on shedding your skin, the energies of this moon are there to assist you as you move into the next phase.

Six of Wands

Before we can enjoy the technicolor freedom that a new incarnation brings, we must first rise from the darkness and peel back layers of conditioning to make room for conscious choice. If you’ve become aware of some unhelpful thought/behavior patterns, now’s…

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